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Lewanna McDevitt recently shared this lovely article in a note to me: Home as a Little Christian School


In this modern day, the worldly culture has seeped into our homes. It doesn’t belong there. Home should be a little school of Christian living. Here is where children see Mother and Dad read the Bible, say prayers, and model good manners and morals.


We should also see great industry. We should see cheerful and happy workers in Mother and Dad. They set the example. Dad often takes great pride in the care of the home and yard. We may see him mowing the lawn, repairing porch steps, working on the car, and fixing screens. He is busy with making the property look pleasant. He maintains the little Christian school called “home.”


Mother is busy with preparing meals. She might be mending a torn curtain, ironing shirts, washing the floor, or baking pastries. She does this cheerfully, happy to be doing a great work for the Lord in the little home.


Along the way, children are added to the family. They walk beside the parents. They help in the care and keeping of that little school at home. They join in the prayers, the Bible reading, and happy chores. Often young children find chores pleasant and fun because they get to do them with their parents, whom they love and admire. They enjoy the company of the parents and want to do the work along with them. Through this, their own good manners and morals are developed.


Home should be a place which is not a stumbling-block to sin. There should be no liquor, no drugs, no crimes happening (little thefts within the family), no lies, no scantily dressed residents, and no evil or inappropriate television shows. The family ought to take a stance against the world and stand for a godly home with good policies and rules in the little school at home. Mother and Dad must model this behavior and set the example.


There is a culture of the world’s school, in some homes. This does not build the Christian family. Here is where the world’s ideas and theories are paramount. Modern parents often buy their children gadgets and gifts and trips to make them happy, but don’t ask the children to work for such frivolity. Bible reading or prayers don’t happen because modern parents are often embarrassed by it, or their children roll their eyes when it is offered because this is not the kind of little school they attended. It is foreign to them. They were trained in worldliness, amusements, taking it easy, and enjoying being “young.”


Mother and Dad must set the pattern in little Christian homes. They must study Scripture and pray and immerse themselves in holy living. This is what will bring a light of wisdom and beauty and godliness into the little school at home. Family Altar, Sermons, Memorizing the Bible, Modesty, Patience and a Servant’s heart should be modeled by the parents. This should be done every day. This is what makes a happy, joyous home, when Mother and Dad have a heart, and a love, for the Christian School. It ought to be their life’s work, their hobby, their everything.


This modern culture is heading to a great ruin. Let our little homes be strong Christian Schools, and let us bring hope to a dying world, by living heavenward lives, even if our little school is the only one in our community. Blessings, Mrs. White