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Planting Double Bloomed Impatiens

I love double bloomed impatiens because they look so much like miniature roses. I also love them because they proliferate in shade. Therefore I use them extensively in shaded and partially sunny areas which need color-constant color-for impatiens bloom all season long. However, I always wait until all danger of frost has passed because Impatiens are extremely sensitive to cold temperatures. On the other hand, because they are shade plants, they are also very sensitive to extreme heat, so I keep them well watered on hot days. Sometimes, when I forget to water them, they look like they have expired but a little water quickly perks them up again.




I prefer the rose and light pink varieties but they also come in white, lavender, purple, coral, and red. They are excellent bedding and container plants, so I plant them in our metal planter on our porch, in our raised beds, and often in hanging baskets.

Another wonderful characteristic of Impatiens is that they do not require dead heading, but continue to shed old blooms as they put out new flowers, quickly spreading into lovely compact plants either dwarf size 8”-10”, semi-dwarf size 10”-12”, or  tall size 12”-14”. 

Besides watering, they really require no other care except a pinching back of up to 1/3 of the plant if they look leggy.