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orchardDuring the course of a conversation with our butcher, he relayed some very interesting information that a man from the Missouri Extension Office had shared with him on determining the location of an orchard. According to him, it is best to place fruit trees on a hill or on the northeast corner of a slope. On the hill, so as to have good air circulation to keep any frost from settling on the trees; on the northeast slope so as to slow the budding process, which hopefully will keep them from being zapped by a late spring frost. This will also slow the ripening of the fruit so the fruit does not all ripen at once and fall off the trees. He also relayed that the worst place for an orchard is in a valley near a grove of other trees because a tree stand acts as a funnel for cold wind, which then settles in the low land and is held there by the trees, potentially causing damage to budding fruit.