Continuous Planting Print
In the Garden

beans2To make the most of our garden space, we continue to plant succeeding crops. For example, in early March, we plant snow peas and snap peas on our trellises, which in latter April will be planted with trellis cucumbers. The cucumbers will help shade the last of the peas from the warmer weather so we get a longer growing season of peas. Then at the end of September, we will plant more peas on the same trellis for a fall crop of cool weather peas. We also sow cut and come lettuce all around these trellises. The peas are not full enough to shade the lettuce in spring while the cucumbers’ dense foliage helps keep the lettuce cool in the summer.

cucumbersIn March, we always plant onion bulbs 18 inches apart, so by the end of April when we plant our tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and such, the onions have sprouted so that we know to plant these seedlings in the middle of each set of sprouts. Then by the time these plants tower over the onions, the onions are ready for eating.



 In March, we also sow cut and come lettuce all amongst the broccoli. We cut a lot of lettuce before the broccoli becomes too tall, and then once the broccoli crop is spent, we sow bush green beans, again, 18 inches apart, so once the beans become several inches tall, we sow green beans in between the sprouts for a continuous crop.

Planting at Parents’ Home

To get the most of your possibilities, consider asking your parents if you can garden at their home as well. My father always had a vegetable garden, so when we started taking care of them, we just naturally started gardening for them again, as well. They love the fresh produce, while it allows us more space to garden. If you have the opportunity to do this, you must consider vegetables that require less attention, those that ripen slowly. For example, okra grows so rapidly on warm days that a pod can literally become too big in one day. Therefore, since ideal harvesting requires close observation, we sow okra at our house. This holds true for cucumbers as well. Whereas, peppers ripen more slowly, and thus are planted at my parents’ home along with corn, melons, beets, Brussels sprouts, carrots, potatoes…

Since we have salads every night, we sow lettuce at our home along with tomatoes, green beans and all our herbs. However, our horseradish plant is over at my parents’ home because we just dig up a root when we need it and then in the fall dig up several to make horseradish sauce to be used over the winter. We also planted our asparagus and raspberries over at my parents’ home because these crops take up a lot of room, of which they have plenty.