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In the Garden
Finally, loads of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes!

††††† Tomatoes: 180 Fabulous Recipes edited by Christine France has just tható180 recipes for tomatoes.
Fabulous? I do not know that yet, but I found some that I cannot wait to try this next week. With
tomatoes ripening so quickly now, I thought this book may help you find new ways to prepare all those
delightful fruits.
††††† Our favorite way to eat cucumbers is with onions, peeled, sliced, salted, peppered, and smothered
with sour cream and dill.
††††† We just finished planting our fall crop of snap peas between our other beans, tomatoes, and
peppers and some more lettuce. We will continue to sow lettuce through August. Around the first week of
October, Jedidiah will place bales of straw around our lettuce beds and then cover with glass, which will
give us continuous lettuce throughout the winter.