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I always like to make the best use of our garden space, filling in with as many vegetables
and flowers that I can. Several weeks ago, Josiah and I sowed trellis cucumbers next to our
snow peas and snap peas, so that by the time the peas stopped bearing, the cucumbers would
be producing. Between the trellises we sowed bush beans. Right next to the broccoli we sowed
green bean seeds so that when the broccoli is done bearing, green and purple bush beans will
be producing. Between our tomatoes we sowed Seashell Cosmos that get 4-6 feet tall. Amongst
the pepper plants we sowed nasturtiums, since both are red, yellow, and orange. Amongst the
peppers and onions we sowed dill.
      Dauphin violet Streptocarpella’s dainty blue flowers make an excellent hanging basket
for shaded areas that get nothing but indirect light. The velvety foliage reminds me of an
indoor violet, yet hummingbirds frequent our basket, ducking in and out of the violets
dangling from the plants.
      Setcreasea Purple heart is such a common plant, yet one I just adore. It is so easy to
grow, but I love it because of its lovely rosy purple hue. I usually place it in large ceramic
pots, along with other potting plants.