September the perfect time to plant/Lettuce all winter Print
In the Garden
      Keep sowing lettuce seed for a bounty of salads. Better yet, determine to sow seed all winter long. Two years ago, we had fresh lettuce all winter long. Encourage your husband and sons to create your own greenhouse by building a frame fitted with Plexiglas or plastic to place over a sizeable bed so that you can prolong your growing season throughout the year. For a quick solution, place straw bales around your bed and cover with an old storm door. Whichever construction you decide upon, just remember to slightly lift the lid off during warmer days so you do not bake the vegetables inside.

      September is the perfect time to plant shrubbery, but I must warn you to consider the proportions your shrub will reach in maturity. Typically, most people disregard spacing recommendations, attending instead to the present look of the design, consequently jeopardizing not only the future look of the garden site, but the health of the plants, as well. Certainly, if your goal is to hedge your shrubs, then plant them close to one another. But if space between shrubs is desirous, make certain that you carefully measure your plants center to center, allowing space in between for air circulation. For example, if a shrub reaches 4 feet in width, you would measure at least two and a half feet from the center of one bush to the center of the next bush when planting them.