Pansies and Hydrangeas Print
In the Garden

      Sonia and I just purchased and planted pansies where several annuals were spent. Pansies are such sweet flowers, reminding me of lovely little children’s faces encased in frilly bonnets. Pansies were once considered an early spring flower, but thankfully landscapers now use them so much in fall and early winter landscapes that nurseries are starting to carry them this time of year as well. Pansies and the petite adorable violas are low maintenance plants, only requiring 3-4 hours of sun and will survive light frosts which makes them perfect for the mild winters of late. Do not forget to keep them watered and fertilized, for it takes a lot to make those pretty flower heads. Also, the more you dead head the spent blossoms, the more blooms you will enjoy in your yard. These adorable blossoms also make great petite bouquets for the bathroom vanity, kitchen sink, and on your children’s bedside table.

      My favorite bush for landscaping in slightly or densely shaded areas is the Oakleaf Hydrangea. Best in dappled or early morning light with shaded afternoons, except Snow Queen, which does well in full sun or full shade, this wonderful bush is made up of large oak leafed leaves. It displays 12-inch elongated creamy white flowers in the summer, burgundy, crimson, or scarlet foliage in the winter, and cinnamon colored bark all winter. Getting 6’ by 8’, this beautiful wonder is a must for anyone who has a place big enough for one, because it truly provides aesthetic beauty to the landscape design all year long.