Raised Beds and Flower Suggestions Print
In the Garden
††††† This last year we planted several new raised garden beds (some for ourselves and some for others). In front of our house, we hauled three yards of dirt to make two raised beds, one on either side of our walkway. On the left, we planted roses, one a climber that we placed next to a metal arbor. On the other side of the walk, we planted a burning bush towards the back, a Miscanthus grass to the left, and three Stella lilies in a triangular pattern towards the front. Next to the burning bush, we planted a beautiful, exotic Liatris.

††††† For one of our customers, we planted a lovely raised bed next to their driveway with Miscanthus variegated grass, Liatris, a burning bush, pink rose bush, soft, silvery lambís ear, and purple sage. Around their mailbox we planted Miscanthus grass, three Stella lilies, and six big zinnias.

††††† Queen Anneís Lace was truly the perfect name for this beautifully delicate, lacy flower. For years I have enjoyed picking them along the road or in the meadow to add a touch of delicate elegance to my colorful bouquets until I finally realized that if they grew in such profusion everywhere, it must be easy to propagate them. So I dug some up and planted them in my garden. Then when the flowers went to seed I spread them throughout my garden, and to my delight, the next year I had them everywhere.

††††† Paint a mailbox a beautiful blue, purple, orange, yellow, or a combination thereof and place on a post in your garden. Keep the door open, and you might be blessed to receive a family of birds in your garden.

††††† Paint old wooden chairs in the same colors and place amongst your flowers. Y