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In the Garden

††††† In the country, our house is nestled among a forest, which is cozy and beautiful, but can pose a challenge if you like flowers like we do. But even more challenging is the rocky soil. At first I tried to dig and spade and sledgehammer my way through the rocks, but to no avail, since just beneath each rock was yet more rocks. I finally gave up and decided to have loads of dirt brought to us. Thankfully, it only cost $50 a load. So for the past four years, we have had several loads brought to us each year. It is amazing how excited you can get over a load of dirt when you donít have your own. I nearly pop with delight as the dirt is being dumped on our fallow ground, just thinking of all the new flowerbeds we are going to create. ††††† The garden that you see in the picture is behind our house and receives very little sunlight, so Sonia and I planted the bed with monkey grass, a variety of hostas, ferns, lambs ears, and ajuga, all of which come back year after year. Amongst these we plant colorful varieties of annuals and bulbsóimpatiens, coleus, heather, sweet potato vine, caladiums, and astilbe. We also like to use interesting roots and pretty rocks to add to the character of the garden. The combination is beautiful, even though it receives so little light. Under trees here and there, we have also planted beds using monkey grass, hostas, coleus, and impatiens. So donít give up because you have shade or rocky soil. You can enjoy flowers even with those conditions. Plant away and enjoy! Y