Winter Print
In the Garden

††††† I love to walk in the woods just before dusk to take in the magnificent display of black branches against winterís vibrant sunsets and misty gray skies. Only during this time of year, after shedding their leaves, do trees show their true beauty and the hand of their Creator who expressed His awesome character even in the shape of trees.

††††† Indoors, I prefer His evergreens which add so much beauty and fragrance to our holidays. The spruce is by far my favorite evergreen for our Christmas tree and for boughs over doorways and cabinets. Rather than the flat rows of longer needles of the fir, the spruce has shorter curved needles that go all the way around its branches. Having much more space between branches also makes it easier to decorate. I hang our ornaments from the branches, but also lay pine cones, bows, miniature sleds and instruments directly on the branches.

††††† Hemlock is another favorite evergreen with its tiny, adorable pine cones which I place on our Christmas tree, in bowls, and in baskets. Glued on place cards or left on its delicate, feathery, graceful boughs for decorating tables or mantles, the hemlock adds a delightful flare.

††††† When winter comes, we use the cedarís green boughs with their blue berries for decorating. These especially look lovely placed amongst white votives and blue glass ornaments.

††††† Whether outdoors or inside our home, I praise God for all the beauty He has created for our pleasure. Y