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In the Garden

††††† Be diligent to water your garden during the hot and dry weeks of August and remember that it is best that you water deeply. All of us like to stand in our gardens and unwind as we spray cool water over our beloved blossoms and vegetable plants, but this is the worse possible way to water. Roots search for water and will remain shallow and horizontal if you water just the top of the soil. To help your roots dig deeply into the ground, water deeply with a sprinkler. Itís tough, but resist the urge to water with a hose in hand. Let the sprinkler do it for you while you watch from a distance.†

††††† Last week Sonia and I sowed more lettuce, beans, carrots, and beets. The carrots and beets may be smaller when harvested, but they will also be sweeter. We are now getting ready to sow broccoli, and in September, we will be planting our garlic bulbs. There is still much left to be done in the garden, so do not give up so soon because of the hot days. Keep your garden going into the cooler months of fall, and lettuce will grow even into winter with a little protection.