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In the Garden

††††† If you havenít already ordered your seeds and seedlings for this yearís planting, by all means place your order now so you receive your seeds in time for planting early. Lettuce, spinach, and snow peas can be planted now, with broccoli soon to follow. Remember to rotate your crops from where you planted them last year and intermix with flowers. Refer back to last springís lengthy article on gardening for some great ideas.

††††† March is also a great month for planting shrubs and trees. As long as the ground is fairly dry, dig a hole twice the size of the ball, work in compost and some fertilizer, and plant.

††††† Before ornamental grasses begin to green, you need to cut them back.

††††† For two years, rabbits have devoured our lovely plantings that we lovingly prepared for one of our customers. I love the adorable little things as they watch me plant, but abhor the unsightly mess they make of my lovely landscape designs when I come back. So I suggested to the owners that they try Liquid Fence, which had been advertised in one of our garden catalogs. It was worth a try, even though we had not known anyone who had used it. That was true until last night at Game Night, when Diane Drinkard told me just how great this product has served them. Their home was built right on a deer trail, so the deer frequent their garden all the time but stay away from their vegetables and fruit because of applications of Liquid Fence.

††††† Liquid Fence is created from all natural ingredients, so it is safe for organic gardens. And apparently hummingbirds and bees immediately return to the flowers right after an application, while deer and rabbits continue to stay away. This product is so effective that the manufacturer guarantees satisfaction. Available from www.kinsmangarden.com or by calling 800-733-4146.