Fish Ponds Print
In the Garden


     Fishponds are so easy to create and make a wonderful addition to a garden. Over the years, we have put in four ponds: two we dug and lined with heavy duty tarps; another one we dug and filled with a heavy duty preformed pond; and for the last one we had dirt brought in making a raised flower bed around an opening which we lined with another heavy duty tarp.

      We filled all of them with water from the hose, put drops in to neutralize the chlorine, and then put in water lilies and water hyacinths. The best place to purchase goldfish is from a bait shop. They are much larger and a lot less expensive. After the pond becomes established, the fish will live on the algae and insects. They will also winter over as long as your pond is at least 18 inches deep.

      Not only are ponds beautiful to look at, but also they will soon sound beautiful, too, as frogs travel to your oasis for the swimming and your insect buffet. Y