It's time to plant Print
In the Garden


††††† Itís time to set out cool weather plants like lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower, to plant pansies, to sow hardy annual seeds, and to divide perennials. However, we also like to sow the rest of our garden vegetables, too. Even if a cold spell hits, we have nothing to lose but some seeds. If nice weather continues, we have fresh vegetables a month sooner than expected.

††††† We began early planting out of necessity and have been very pleased with the early harvest. For years because of preparations for our conference, graduations, book sale, and other activities in May and June, we were never able to get away to the country to plant our vegetable garden until after our conference, which put us at the first or second weekend of July. So last year we decided to plant all our vegetable seeds in early April. Thankfully, God blessed us with great weather and an early harvest.

††††† Even though we arenít living in the country yet, so that we can properly care for our garden which would ensure a much better harvest than we reap, we certainly have fun working together in it. Jon tills the earth to a powdery dust. He then stretches rows of string for the kids and me to follow as we rake the fine dust into rows 8-10Ē high and 16-20Ē flat across. I then poke holes to the appropriate depth while the kids sow the seeds and cover accordingly. After our labors are all done, we continue to look out and marvel at the beauty of straight, long rows of dirt. From then on, as soon as we arrive in the country for a weekend, we walk down to our garden to look for new miracles and marvel anew at the beautiful site.

††††† As a family, enjoy the pleasant work set before you and share the blessings of Godís good earth. ©