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In the Garden


     Each season offers an opportunity to celebrate God’s new delights and wonders, but none so appropriate as spring and summer for celebrating God’s gifts of life, and color, and texture, and beauty. These months serve as the perfect backdrop for a lovely Garden Party, which we celebrate each year. The following ideas are a combination of last year’s Insect Garden Party and this year’s Flower Garden Party. Remember, this is just a seedbed of ideas; the possibilities are endless.

      We often begin preparing for our party by creating lovely place cards, which we simply make by cutting and folding cardstock the size of a standard place card. To make them fancy, we trim the edges with scalloped scissors. After we write the name on each card using pretty colored markers, we decorate with quilled flowers, pretty flower stickers, and/or insect stickers.

      Last year for our insect theme, I covered our dining room table with a lavender tablecloth. On top of this, I arranged beautiful pastel floral hatboxes and pastel candles in pastel ceramic, flowered candleholders. I then placed the adorable Spring and Summer Brambly Hedge books on end amongst the hatboxes.

      I filled in the rest of the space with the children’s gifts—some new, some old—lavender pruning shears, floral gardening gloves, pretty packets of flower seeds, alfalfa sprouting seeds, Magic School Bus videos (one on ants and the other one on bees), It’s An Ant’s Life by Steve Parker, The Gardening Game from HearthSong, The Bugliest Bug by Carol Shields, The Buzz and Flitters Big Electronic Game from Reader’s Digest, The Backyard Bugs Giant Floor Puzzle, The Silkworm City Kit, and insect stickers. Amongst all these decorations, I placed our plastic insects that we use each year: caterpillars, butterflies, praying mantis, and beetles.

      To top it off, I found two inexpensive silver buckets that had large insects on each side that served as handles. I placed one at each end of the table and filled with ice cubes and glass bottles filled with fruit juice. For color, I filled some with orange juice, others with cranberry juice. It made the table look like a real garden picnic.

      For dessert, I served pretty sherbet desserts that matched the color scheme and the picnic theme. See “Come Gather at Our Table” on page ?? for the recipe.

      All the following week we spent studying insects. We sang songs like “The Ants Go Marching,” played our garden and insect games, read our new insect books, put together our insect puzzle, watched our Ant and Bee videos, made garden pictures with our insect stickers, and read our spring and summer collection of books. It was truly delightful!

      This year, I covered the table with a floral tablecloth. Down the middle of the table, I placed a variety of spring baskets that I filled with purple grass and pretty potted spring flowers, six rose/purple lanterns that I purchased at Schnucks at their spring clearance sale, little rabbits, and colored eggs. I filled my floral watering can napkin holders with lavender and pink napkins. It was equally as pretty as last year’s party but more elegant.

      This year we concentrated more on flowers and vegetables, planting a lot of seeds that are under grow lights in the basement right now. We also planted lettuce and pansies, which are in window boxes on ledges in our kitchen and living room. This year we are studying plants and making different decorations with flowers.

      I also gave wooden birdhouses to the kids for them to paint, and I have gourds from last fall that we purchased for birdhouses as well. After we drill a hole in the bottom for drainage and to remove the seeds, we will drill another for the bird’s entry. Next we will paint and shellac them. Soon we should have birds clamoring to rent our upscale bird properties.

      May I reiterate? The possibilities are endless. Allow God to direct you on how to celebrate and learn all about His magnificent creations for these glorious seasons. Y