Delightful Surprises
Years ago, we received an ice cream maker as a gift, but Jon stopped using it because the canister was aluminum and left dark streaks on our ice cream. So the children surprised Jon with a White Mountain stainless steel canister electric ice cream maker, which makes up to 6 quarts of delicious, healthy ice cream in just 30 minutes. White Mountain ice cream makers have been handcrafted since 1853 and look old fashioned, as the canister is housed in a pine wood bucket. White Mountain uses superior metal and wood construction and a powerful 12,000 RPM commercial-grade universal motor to ensure years of use. They even give a 5-year guarantee against manufacturer defects. Jon really enjoys making ice cream for our family now, while we reap the benefits of his labor of love. The following is my favorite recipe:2Ĺ c. sugarDash salt2-3 c. whole milk1 quart heavy whipping cream6 large country fresh eggs3 T. vanilla4 T. pure maple syrup1 bag of coconutBlack walnuts (optional)Enough whole milk to fillHeat first three ingredients just till sugar melts. Turn off and cool. Add the next six ingredients and place in your canister. Add enough whole milk to fill canister to a little over half and then let the machine do the rest.