Gift Ideas for Your Husband Print
Delightful Surprises

Through the years, I have carefully listened to Jon as he works on projects and mentions tools that would have made the job easier. I have also watched him when he lingers over a tool at the hardware store so I could jot down the exact make and model of things he needed and wanted for surprising him later.

      The following is a list of gifts that Jon has really appreciated over the years: Bosch cordless screwdriver, air compressor, power sander, woodworking tools, planer, suede work gloves, pocket knives, ceramic knife sharpener, heavy duty flashlights, clay pigeon thrower, pistol, gun stock for shotgun, gun case, turkey caller, special lures with weed guards, cricket container, barbecue grill, chamois for drying the car, leather dress gloves, leather jacket, handsome dress shirts and ties, jazzy cowboy hat, leather wallet, history books, law books, commentaries, reference books, cookbooks, books and more books. Y