Gingerbread cuckoo clock and learning how to emboss velvet Print
Delightful Surprises

We recently had a great craft day with the Belleys. I had seen a picture of a gingerbread cuckoo clock decorated with tiny cookies and thought it would be great fun to decorate one in Christmas candies. So Heather baked and cut the gingerbread into shapes of little houses with pointed roofs. Then using royal icing and beautiful candies, the children created the most adorable cuckoo clocks. Small candy canes hung upside down were attached to the base.

      Afterwards, Anne showed us how to emboss velvet. We both had purchased very rich, plum-colored velvet—ours to be a pillow and theirs a drawstring purse. On a table, we placed the velvet’s plush side face down. Using different heart-shaped rubber stamps, we randomly embossed their beautiful designs on the velvet by placing them underneath the velvet, rubber side up. On top of the other side, we placed a square piece of cardboard with holes cut out, just enough to fit the rubber stamp pattern through from the underside, thus protecting the surrounding velvet from touching the hot iron. With the iron set on dry/cotton, we sprayed a light mist of water on the fabric within the cardboard and then pressed it with the iron 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 10 seconds on. Gently pulling the velvet off the rubber stamp, I was delighted with the beautifully embossed hearts on the velvet.