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Delightful Surprises


DELIGHTFUL SURPRISES-All About Those Adorable Ladybugs


-Surprise your children with the Ladybug Habitat for growing your own ladybugs. www.insectlore.comInsect Lore provides quality live insects, habitats, and toys.

-Learn factsabout ladybugs such as ladybugs are not really bugs at all but are beetles. Five thousand different species exist in the world; four hundred of these live in the U.S. Different species have different number of spots. Ladybugs live around one year. They lay anywhere from just a few eggs to 2000 eggs depending on the species. Ladybugs are beneficial because they eat pests such as aphids, eating up to 5000 in a lifetime, and scales, mites, broccoli worms, tomato hornworms, whitefly, mealy bugs, and cabbage moth. Although the ladybug’s red color warns predators that they are not good eating, they also play dead if one gets too close for comfort. When temperatures drop below 55 degrees, they go into a kind of hibernation. Ladybugs come in different colors and so do their spots ranging from blue, orange, red, yellow, green, and white. The spots warn predators that they taste bad and are even harmful to smaller predators such as birds and lizards. When you see a ladybug fly, consider that it beats its wings 85 times a second or 5100 times a minute.

-Read this poem.

Ladybugs all dressed in red,

Strolling through the flowerbed.

If I were tiny just like you,

I’d creep through the flowers too!by Maria Fleming

-Do this finger play to the tune of I’m A Little Teapot.

I’m a little ladybug, as you can see.

I am a beetle pretty as can be.

I am brightly colored, red and black.

Look at the pretty spots on my back!

-Draw the ladybug’s anatomy.

-Mold ladybugs out of plastic clay.

-Paint a ladybug on a paper plate.

-Make ladybug snacks. Top Ritz crackers with cream cheese, tomato wedges for wings, capers for spots, black olive for head, and tiny stalks of celery or dill for antennas.

-Make ladybug cookies. Ice round butter cookies to look like ladybugs.

-Make a ladybug cake.

-Paint a round wooden stool to look like a ladybug.

-Send thispoem in a decorated ladybug card to elderly family members.

I’m sending love and wishes

All wrapped up in a hug

Good things should come your way

With this tiny ladybug.


A rabbit foot or horseshoe

Are said to bring good luck

But ladybugs are special

They also bring you love.


The ladybug of friendship

I’ve sent to you today

Comes with hope, joy and happiness

To last throughout your day.