A Game of The Price is Right Print
Delightful Surprises

A Game of The Price is Right For something different after dinner one evening, play The Price is Right where everyone guesses the retail value of common household items. Prior to the game, purchase items from the five and dime store and/or the grocery store that the children would like such as a bag of candy, lip gloss, stuffed animal, pack of gum, candle, package of markers, puzzle, pocket notebook, ribbon, bunch of bananas, package of raisins, box of cereal, jar of olives, can of sardines, 2-liter bottle of ginger ale, bag of chips, lotion… Place these down the center of the dining room table, along with play money and coins. After dinner begin the game. Depending on the age of the children, you can either have each of the children guess the prices of the items, with the closest receiving the item, or have them choose from several different prices that you have placed on index cards. Write the correct price on one of the cards, with higher and lower prices on the remaining cards. Have the children take turns guessing. The one that guesses correctly gets to keep that item.