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Delightful Surprises

Supplies for Scrapbooking Sonia was not able to get in to our ophthalmologist to get contacts in time for our CHEF paintball game. Since this was the first year Sonia had not participated with her brothers, I decided to make a fun day for her at home. So while the boys were paintballing, Sonia and I read Victoria magazine, watched cooking shows, scrap booked, and played games. Some time ago I purchased specialty scrapbooking papers and adhesions as a surprise for Sonia. After retrieving our supplies, I laid the beautiful papers and stickers next to our stash of pictures, so she would see right away that I had thought of her. As we went through pictures together, I was struck by the vast amount of wonderful family celebrations we enjoy each year, year after year. It is these moments in time that bind us together, knitting our hearts one to another. When the boys arrived home at the end of the day, they found a lovely plate of fruit, cheese, and crackers waiting for them before their dinner.