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Family Travels

Places To Visit

 Mark Twain Hobby Center, 2793 West Clay, St. Charles, MO 63301, Every year for Christmas, Josiah purchases a model for Jon so that during the holidays, he and his dad can spend time putting one together. Recently we located a new hobby shop that not only carries shelves upon shelves of models, but also the soldiers that Josiah loves to manipulate in battles. Peter Burns first introduced Josiah to these miniature 1:72 soldiers about three years ago. And since that time, Josiah has collected quite an array of soldiers: American Revolutionary, British, Russian knights, French cavalry, Hundred Year War French knights, English men at arms, Roman cavalry, Roman infantry, Austrian and Russian Allied General Staff, Russian knights, and Confederate and Union cavalry, infantry, and artillery. Mark Twain Hobby Center also carries coarse ballast, foliage, trees, mountains, and other materials to recreate scenery for the battlefields. Of course, these materials are really for train boards, but worked very nicely for our purpose. The staff was all very helpful and told me that if I ever needed anything in particular that they would be happy to place special orders.
 The Recycled Rose, 421 N. Sappington Rd., Glendale, MO 63122. This shop’s charming entrance beckoned me to stop and shop one day as I was passing by. The owner is very pleasant and interesting. Her clever decorating style with her very eclectic old and new merchandise makes this a very unique shop. For some time Sonia has been intrigued with cloches. These glass domes are used in France to cover young plants from the cold weather, but in America have been used to cover indoor plants so as to create a terrarium. Here I purchased a lovely shaped one and a glass base for just $26, which is a real deal considering the prices given to those on the web.
 The Gifted Gardener, 8935 Manchester Rd., Brentwood, MO 63144 (on the north side of Manchester just west of Brentwood) is a very pretty, warm, cozy shop filled with all kinds of gifts. At night it is especially charming with its little white twinkle lights all aglow. We found this place quite by accident on our way home from our paint store. Josiah loves to shop, so when he saw this inviting little shop he asked if we could stop in to see what they carried. We had a delightful time looking at EVERYTHING—which is Josiah’s idea of shopping. I, on the other hand, can survey a shop’s wares in a matter of minutes, select what I want or need and be out very quickly. So, when I go with Josiah, I must make a conscious effort to slow myself down and look at everything he points out. And when I stop to think about our outings, I realize that they are moments I will always treasure.
 Reineke Decorating Center, 12017 Manchester Rd., Des Peres, MO 63131 (on the north side just east of 270) is now my official paint store. Unfortunately, my paint proprietor in Florissant retired. However before he left, he directed me to this store because he knows how much we love decorating and trying new techniques, and how much I love colors and love to doctor up the colors I purchase! Whenever you select a paint store, you want to go where the contractors do business—and this is the place—since my neighborhood store is now gone. They are very helpful and know what they are doing and do not mind adjusting my colors to make them suit my taste. I like colors fine-tuned, you know. Have you ever watched Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House? Anyway, it is not a good movie since the children are so obnoxious to their parents, and the father is made to look like an idiot, but it suits my analogy for the moment. Do you remember the wife’s comments to the painter? I cannot remember her exact words since it’s been so long since I have seen it, but her comments go something like this: “For this room, I want yellow, not a sunshine yellow or a daisy yellow, but a buttercup yellow in the afternoon sun. Now in this room I want red, not just any red, but the red of an apple, but not just any apple, but the red of a Macintosh just before it ripens around the second week of October. And in this room I want a blue. Not a light blue or a dark blue, but the blue of the sky just after a thunderstorm in July; you know that azure blue color that comes from the atmospheric pressure.” After she leaves, the painter turns to his assistant and says, “Yellow, Red, and Blue.” Obviously, if you are particular about colors, do not go to just any paint store, because that is exactly how you will be treated. You do not want kids who haven’t painted a wall in their life, and who could care less about color, and who wouldn’t know pink from taupe or red from maroon or yellow from gold, or for that matter, notice that their family’s white walls had just been changed to peanut red, misty fern, and cinnamon brown to mix up your paint. Trust me when I tell you that you need competent help in the area of paint.
 The Smokehouse Market, 16806 Chesterfield Airport Rd., Chesterfield, MO 63005 is the kind of shop our family has always desired—quaint, cozy, pretty, delightfully scented, and filled with delicious things to eat. It reminds us of a charming New England shop. The times we have stopped in, we selected crackers, cheese, sausage, cookies, and bottled drinks.