The Weather Outside is Frightful but the Bathroom Heater is Delightful! PDF Print E-mail
Delightful Surprises


Many years ago, probably over 25, we would accompany my parents to Union Station to shop for Christmas. One of our favorite stores was Brookstone because of all their innovative gifts. The greatest of these finds was our little portable bathroom heater called Brookstone Little Big Heat. They no longer carry this exact model, but a wall unit that plugs directly in to a receptacle. Now some of you may have no need for the little power house, but for our family, this little wonder unit makes showers, baths, dressing, and brushing teeth a delightful experience in our drafty, ten foot ceiling, 100 year old home. During the day, Sonia and I walk around the house in long pants, socks, turtlenecks, and sweaters, but when we enter our little tropical haven we are able to shed our clothes in sheer comfort. Even after working on the newsletter or reading the living room for hours after everyone goes to bed-meaning that the thermostat has already been lowered for sleeping, I go into the heated bathroom just to thaw out before I retire, otherwise my ice cold limbs keep me awake until they warm up under the flannel sheets and layers of blankets. This extraordinary workhorse is also beneficial for drying out socks and boots after sledding and skiing so that they are ready for the next outing. Now you know why, I consider this mechanical wonder a gift from God- a luxurious welcome during the many months of winter. There are some things that I will live without, but this is not one of them. So if you at anytime feel the slightest chill during baths or showers, consider making your life more comfortable by pampering yourself instead of dealing with it!