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Places To Visit

†The day following our Heart to Heart wedding show, Sonia and I took Judith Bell and her daughters (who are from Arkansas) for a scenic tour of St. Louis. Judith loves old houses, so we spent a considerable amount of time touring the Lafayette Square area. After viewing the houses by car, we stopped and set out on foot to get a better look at the new townhouses that were on display. From there we took a stroll through their lovely park where we enjoyed two beautiful white swans resting on their own island, a miniature Victorian birdhouse, a lovely wrought iron bridge that spanned a nice manmade pond, and a great statue of George Washington. Couples were strolling and sitting on benches, mothers were pushing babies in strollers, and fathers were pushing children on swings, while one family played Frisbee with their children and dogs. After years of abandonment, it was nice seeing so many residents enjoying their park once again. I enjoyed the park so much that I decided to make it one of our first destinations for our weekly summer picnic dinners. If you have not been to Lafayette Square lately, take a drive by the areaís magnificent homes and its lovely park, making this area a St. Louis landmark.
†Gusí Pretzels (1820 Arsenal St., St. Louis, MO 63118,, just across Hwy. 55 from Anheuser Busch Brewery). Gusí Pretzels advertises that they have been twisting since 1920; that is quite a history. As a third generation business, the two sons who run it today still make the pretzels the same way they were made in 1920óby hand. Made fresh every day, these pretzels have become a St. Louis favorite, one that we have enjoyed for many years. As a matter of fact, we can hardly resist the temptation to veer off the highway for our usual dozen (half straight and half twist) every time we are in the vicinity because Gusí Pretzels are always a special treat.
†S-T Leather Company (830 S. 17th St., St. Louis, MO 63103, Although located across from abandoned buildings, this business is actually just off a very busy street making it safer than it looks and is well worth the trip if you are really interested in crafting in leather. Just make certain that you are accompanied by either your husband or an older son. Not only do they have a warehouse that houses shelf after shelf of a vast variety of leathers, but they also offer every tool and accessory necessary for leatherwork. From belt straps, billfold parts, books, patterns, buckle making supplies, snaps, rivets, stones, dyes, bevellers, lace threads, and kits to mallets, cutting tools, needles, stamps, buckles, punch tools, purse frames, saddles and tack supplies, shears, and zippers, this place carries it all. These items are also listed in a very extensive catalog, which is offered by calling 314-241-6009 or 800-381-5965. Although you cannot order online, you can email orders to them that they promise to respond to promptly. Jedidiah was somewhere under the age of twelve when we started him out with his first leather tooling kit, and at eighteen he is now teaching the boys in our church how to tool leather.