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Signature Touches


Moms often tell me that they would love to paint over their monochromatic white or beige walls but do not know what color to change them to. Since God is the creator of all color and light, look to all the wonderful colors that surround you. Go to those things that God has created for your answer—sunsets, fall colors, vegetables, flowers, plants, rocks, and shells—and ask yourself what you like best. What colors please you? What are you automatically drawn to? For a powerful point of reference, select magazine pictures of rooms that you like, hole punch them and place in a three-ringed binder.

My mother gave us beautiful mugs several years ago that depicted snowmen. The cups were very warm looking, the kind of feel I love to create. So I took the golden yellow and black and created a warmer kitchen at our country home. Sonia painted our cabinets black; I painted the kitchen walls golden yellow; and Sonia painted the adjoining wall burnt sienna. The effect was stunning, but I must tell you that Jon was not initially pleased with my choice of colors. Therefore, I promised to repaint if he did not like the results. However, as soon as Sonia and I put on the finishing touches of grapevines hung from the ceiling with large German hand blown ornaments that looked like acorns hung along the side of the window, with a black tin star at the end of the grapevines to represent a shooting star, I knew he would not deny the stunning effect it created—all inspired from a mug.

Do you have a dish, scarf, blouse, pillow, book jacket, or mug that displays colors you just adore? Take them to the paint store and search for matching colors. Do not be hesitant because you might not like it on the wall. The worst that can happen is that you have to paint over it with another color.

Once I painted my living room a color that looked like taupe in the store but bubble gum on my wall. The color actually made me sick to my stomach every time I looked at it, so I painted just the right taupe over it and have lived happily with that color for 27 years.

However, recently Jon’s concern over our cracked plastered ceiling led him and Jedidiah to replace it with drywall, which led them to replaster the cracks in our walls, as well. Since our adjoining room had foil black, burnt sienna, and gold wallpaper, I thought it was time for a change. Our furniture had not been recovered in ages, so I went to the fabric store and scoured around 200 fabric books, narrowed it down to around 75 choices, and then kept weeding out my least favorites until I had it down to the fabric I loved. To go with the black and gold fabric I selected for our chairs and sofa, I chose a cinnamon colored paint. One of my friends was appalled that I would change my colors and decor from Victorian to black and gold. Well, I must admit, it is a little daring, but I think it will be snazzy. Stay tuned, and I will let you know.

The point that I am trying to make is to try colors that you are continually drawn to even though they may be something entirely different from anything that you have ever tried. Life is too short to live with white walls. Surround yourself with colors, textures, and decorations that you love. Make your home a place that is warm and inviting.