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Signature Touches


I know I have expressed this before, but I love fabric and will purchase lovely floral dresses at resale shops just to use in my decorations. To dress up an ordinary plastic chair on our porch, I inverted the bodice of a spring floral print dress into the full skirt, opened the skirt, and then slipped it over the chair. It actually covers the back, arms, and seat of the chair quite nicely, adding a touch of spring to our front porch.

On the porch rug I placed a child’s size pair of black and red ladybug boots to look as if a little child slipped them off before entering for a visit. Later in the year, I place these boots in our vegetable garden to look as if a little girl slipped off her boots to walk barefoot in the warm soil.

When our cake of roses and baby’s breath wilted from the Wedding Show, I replaced it with a beautiful artificial arrangement of fruit and flowers, which looks lovely under the domed cake stand.

Although this may not be an issue for most homeschoolers because we typically have more books than we have space to store them, bookshelves can serve a dual purpose, housing both books and decorations. Solid wood wall units make lovely additions to living areas. When placing books on the shelves, always bring them to the front edge of the shelf rather than pushing them flush with the back of the shelf. If you have room, instead of lining all the books vertically, alternate the lines of focus by stacking some books on their sides next to the vertically arranged ones, as stacked books add an element of height. However, this does not apply to valuable books, which should always be kept standing right side up so as not to place undue stress on their binding. Also leave space available for displaying decorations, but always arrange your decorations by threes and fives, as this is most pleasing to the eyes. After everything is in place, make certain to thoroughly dust your books with a clean soft cloth every few months.

Pillows are an inexpensive decorative touch that allows you the opportunity to echo the colors in your carpeting, area rugs, and pictures.

There is nothing more important that creating comfortable cozy seating areas in your home for intimate conversations. Plump chairs, soft throws, accent pillows, and lamps are all the necessary ingredients for such comfortable spaces.

Lighting is often the crucial element to creating a warm cozy atmosphere. Never light a room with just an overhead light. As a matter of fact, unless you have recessed lighting or a dimmer on an overhead light, forget about turning it on unless you lost something that requires more light. Use lamps instead and a generous grouping of them.