Who Are Your Children's Heroes?
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Who Are Your Childrenís Heroes?

†Although Robert Sherman displayed a great thirst for knowledge, his father was unable to procure for him an education that would benefit his active mind. And then at the age of nineteen, his father died, leaving his large family nearly destitute, and in need of Robertís care. However, contrary to most Americanís negative thoughts on this prospect, Robert cheerfully embraced his duty to care for his mother and siblings with the utmost kindness. And even though he was unable to pursue an education himself, he worked hard enough to send two of his brothers through school to become clergymen.
†Impressed with Robertís mind and natural ability, an attorney encouraged Robert to pursue an education in law. Robert, however, had neither the time nor the money to pursue his own success, for he was too busy caring for his mother and siblings. Yet while diligently working to provide for his family, he devoted his few spare moments to the study of law and thus in time acquired enough knowledge to embark on a legal career, which brought him a reputation of distinction.
†From here he was appointed justice of the peace, judge of the court of common pleas, judge of the superior court, and treasurer of Yale College. He was elected a member of the upper house in the general assembly of Connecticut and to Congress. In 1776, he served on committees to establish trade and currency regulations, to supply the army, to furnish means for the government, to write articles of confederation, and to help plan the military campaign, and he was distinguished for helping to draw up the Declaration of Independence.
†But more importantly, it is said of him that he possessed an uncommon reverence for the Bible, constantly studying Godís Word so that he acquired an intimate understanding of doctrine, which few men obtained. Witherspoon himself considered him a great theologian. Fisher Ames said that whenever he was absent from a discussion on an issue, he always looked to see how Sherman was voting on the matter because he knew if he voted the same way Sherman voted, he would vote correctly.
†Robert Shermanís faithfulness to honor his mother and to fulfill his duty to provide for her and his siblings, along with his own family of fifteen children, his ardent devotion to the study of scriptures, and his fidelity to his country was exemplary. He who is faithful in little things will be faithful in much. Obviously, Godís Spirit was upon this man, enabling him to remain faithful, for never did he waiver from his duty. His selfish flesh had been mortified by his Savior whose Spirit manifested Himself throughout Shermanís entire life. Let us be diligent to hold up men such as Robert Sherman to our children as men to be emulated.