Purchasing Silver, Crystal , China , and Linen for Our Daughters PDF Print E-mail
Delightful Surprises


Throughout the years, even when Sonia was quite young, I always purchased pretty silver, crystal, and china pieces, along with linen and lace tablecloths for her. Consequently at the Heart to Heart Tea, I continued to reiterate the importance of purchasing these lovely utilitarian items for our daughters throughout their childhood so that by the time they begin their own families, they will possess the things they need to create a lovely home.

Remember that as parents it is our responsibility to equip our children for their future roles. That means looking ahead and purchasing things that possess lasting value, not things which appease for the moment and then are quickly discarded, and not things that are dictated by the cultural norms. Our children do not have phones, iPods (someone gave our son one, but he is not allowed to use it), laptops, video games, computers, and only three or four computer games that they are only allowed to play for an hour once a month. Now of course, those of you who know us know that we love for our children to have fun, so we do have four wheelers, horses, and a foosball table, ping pong table, air hockey table, and dartboard. However, these are for the entire family, so the entire family can have fun interacting. When it comes to gifts, we give books for their libraries, tools (both hand and power) for their own shops, furniture and decorations for their own homes.In essence, things that are useful, valuable, and lovely.