Spring Poems
Heart to Heart

Spring Poems From My Poem File

Good-by! Hello!
Good-by, winter! Hello, spring!
Come on, birds, Begin to sing!
Flowers start blooming, Green grass, grow.
Trees, grow leaves, And warm winds blow!
Good-by, gray skies! Hello sun!
Put old winter, On the run!

Pussy Willows by Aileen Fisher
Every spring the pussy willows come in such a hurry.
I am sure we’d shake our heads, I am sure we’d worry,
If they didn’t wear their coats, buttoned tight around their throats,
Sleek and warm and furry.

The Rabbit by Edith King
Brown bunny sits inside his burrow, Till everything is still,
Then out he slips along the furrow, Or up the grassy hill.
He nibbles all about the bushes, Or sits to wash his face-
But at a sound he stamps and rushes, At a surprising pace-
You see some little streaks and flashes-A last sharp twinkle of white,
As down his hidy-hole he dashes-And disappears from sight.

The Turtledoves by Aileen Fisher
Mr. Turtledove and wife, live a most devoted life.
Back and forth they softly coo: “Love to you,” and “Love to you.”
Mr. Turtledove and spouse, share the work around the house,
Taking turns to brood the eggs, taking turns to stretch their legs.
Mr. Turtledove and wife, lead a very active life.
Oh, the bugs they have to catch, when the turtledovelets hatch!
But Mr. T. and Mrs. too, even when there’s work to do,
Don’t forget to nod and coo: ‘Love to you,” and “Love to you.”

The Turtle by Jack Prelutsky
The turtle’s always been inclined, to live within his shell.
But why he cares to be confined, the turtle does not tell.
The turtle’s always satisfied, to slowly creep and crawl,
And never wanders far outside, his living room or hall.
So if you wish to visit him, in his domestic dome,
Just knock politely on his shell, you’ll find the turtle home.

Dandelions Everywhere by Aileen Fisher
The wind had some seeds in his hand one day,
And he tripped on a bush when he came our way.
He tripped on a bush in our yard, he did,
And he dropped the seeds-and they ran and hid.
They ran and hid in the grass and clover,
And didn’t come out till March was over.
And now that they’re out, we’ve more than our share,
Of dandelions, dandelions, everywhere.

Seeds by Aileen Fisher
Seeds know just the way to start-
I wonder how they get so smart.
They could come up in garden beds,
Feet first-by standing on their heads.
They could forget if they should grow,
Like sunflowers, high, or pumpkins, low.
They could forget their colors, too,
And yet they never, never do.