Spring Showers
Heart to Heart

[Reprinted from Thereís No Place Like Home book]

††††† Ever since Iíve been knee high to a puddle duck, whether sprinkling or pouring, I have loved rain. I love to see rain, hear rain, smell rain, taste rain, and feel rain. On cold rainy days, I feel all snuggly inside our home. On warm days, I love to walk about feeling the soft rain as it kisses my skin. In fall I love to go out in the early morning and find the dew diamonds on leaves and spider webs. In summer I love to watch Godís splendid orchestration of storms across the horizon. At night I love to hear rain on the roof.

††††† Recently while studying the other planets and their atmospheres, I was so awestruck at the wonder of Godís magnificent design for our dwelling placeójust perfect in every way. As spring approaches, Iím thankful for the spring showersóGodís gift to usóin preparation for May flowers.

††††† Happy Splashing!