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Delightful Surprises


      Through the years the children always loved my bulletin board creations, and even now, they look forward to seeing what’s new for the season. Although I liked the black and orange construction paper I used last year, I could not find the black color, so used yellow instead, but quite frankly, I liked the black with the orange better. I could have cut out my own colored leaves, brown squirrels, turkeys, and owls from construction paper, but for just a few dollars at Bradburn’s Teacher Store, I have a host of them for our fall activities as part of my fall bulletin board display.
      Each contains a description of a fall tradition. Some of the activities include the following: Keep a journal of the seasonal changes you see; Decorate October’s blank calendar pages; Make a leaf book of the different shapes of leaves in our neighborhood, label them, and then color them their fall color; Collect acorns; Write a story about fall, create felt finger puppets, and then tell your story to us using your finger puppets as props; Memorize a fall poem; Make fall cookies with me; Go apple picking; Make applesauce; Caramel apples; Hot apple cider; Wallyball; Horseback riding; Create leaf place cards for table; Select pumpkins; Roast pumpkin seeds; Fall bike ride; Pere Marquette; Bonfire; Hayride; Roast marshmallows; Fall hike; Western party; Watch mysteries; Make a thanksgiving book of Bible verses, poems, articles, pictures…that all describe thankfulness, also include thoughts of your gratitude to each family member for what they do for you; Let’s sing some fall hymns and other songs like “Over the River and Through the Woods” … Isn’t learning fun? I just love teaching my children!
      Bradburn’s carries marvelously fun bulletin board additions for each season, so if they have gingerbread, mittens, or snowflakes, purchase them now for your winter bulletin board displays. I usually use these cute cut outs for displaying our seasonal traditions. It gives us all great things to look forward to and reminds me of what we still need to enjoy before the season ends. Time flies, so make certain you plan the things your family loves.
      Note: When the children were younger, I would let them choose a leaf off a large construction paper tree, and then when we completed the activity, the child would place the leaf on a pile at the bottom of the tree.