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Family Travels

by Joye Hengst
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      Joe and I recently had an amazing visit to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum located in Petersburg, Kentucky (near Cincinnati, Ohio). We heartily recommend this museum for you and your family. This state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot museum reveals biblical truths about creation and God’s plan of salvation. Their slogan of “Prepare to believe” describes the museum’s mission and reason for existence.
      The Walk Through History self-guided tour is the museum’s centerpiece. You will see Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the construction of Noah’s Ark, and loads of scientific information from a creationist viewpoint regarding the worldwide flood, mutations, age of the Earth, etc. Don’t miss the Stargazer’s Planetarium, the Last Adam presentation, and the Dinosaur Den.
      One of my favorite venues was the “Men in White Show” in the Special Effects Theater. A girl named Wendy sat by a campfire in a nighttime desert and asked a lot of questions like: “Why am I even here? Does God exist? What is the point of anything?” The Men in White (2 winged angels who zipped around on the big screen) answered her questions. I could totally relate to Wendy and became teary-eyed during the show because I asked those exact questions while I was in college. This presentation reminded me how grateful I am to God for my salvation and how He answered my questions about life. The special effects include rumbling seats and something else that I will leave as a surprise.
      Different special speakers each day round out the events. We were blessed to attend Dr. David Menton’s presentation called “Microscarium,” where we looked at one-celled creatures in a drop of pond water from the museum’s grounds under a very powerful microscope. I had never seen live and wiggling paramecium, diatoms, roundworms, etc. Dr. Menton said that although he was an anatomy professor for 34 years at Washington University School of Medicine, he considers his work at the Creation Museum much more important than when he was teaching future doctors.
      We invited a friend from Dayton, Ohio to visit the museum with us. He didn’t really know anything about the museum before he got there, and when he saw the cost of $21.95 per person, he was a little shocked. But afterward, he said it was definitely worth the price. (He had expected a kind of junky, second-rate museum and was tremendously impressed with the museum’s quality.)
      I also know someone who visited the museum with a friend because they saw the sign on the highway on their way home from Cincinnati and decided to go there to make fun of it. She was not convinced of the Bible’s truth that day, but seeds were planted in her heart by God that will hopefully spring to life one day in the future.
      We would love to go back again because we didn’t get to see everything in one day, especially the botanical gardens and petting zoo, because it was cold and rainy. To find out more details about this fun and educational experience, see or call 888-582-4253.

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