Heart to Heart

      Facing the opened dining room window this Sunday afternoon as our family played Ticket to Ride, I could not help but wonder about this unusual August day as I sensed a distinct change in the air. Cloudy days do occur this time of year, but this was different. Still August, yet the trees looked dull, and the breeze that gently blew upon us was very cool—too cool for summer. And it was really quiet outside except for the faint chirping of crickets. Had summer fled this past week because fall was chasing it out of town, I wondered?
      Am I getting older, or is time really flying at the speed of lightning for everyone? Are the seasons really coming and going like cars at a stoplight—just a little pause and then they are off? Sadly, even my children comment on how fast the seasons are flying by. To where, I wonder, and why aren’t they staying as long as it seemed they did even just twenty years ago?
      Yes, we enjoyed most of our summer family traditions this summer, but still as I reflected upon them, the memories were a blur—a wonderful watercolor blur—but a blur nonetheless. From the end of the conference to the end of September is a short time to accomplish all we endeavor to relive, but now it didn’t even seem that we had September left, as summer appeared to have vanished.
      From all I have heard and experienced as a child, summer is supposed to linger as we drink in the peaceful, easygoing days of warmth and light, yet do you feel as I did, that somehow your summer book was returned to the library before you had the opportunity to read all of it? Jon always says that I have never been one to notice a half empty glass because they all appear half full to me, but I must confess, I saw a half empty dream outside the window this past Sunday, that is, until I started to consider all the lovely fall traditions that we enjoy and so began listing them. Since then, other mothers and young girls have shared their sadness over the fleeting summer, so I thought it might be helpful to encourage you to think of all the attractive qualities of fall and the opportunities they present for making it a delightful season. That way, maybe you can get an early start on this one, so it doesn’t fall back out of sight before you fully grasp the beauty of it.