Love Our Wives PDF Print E-mail
Covenantal Families

      Sadly, most of us are not as thoughtful of our wives as we should be, so a little encouragement is needed now and then to remind us of our duty to love our wives. Recently, I planned a day out for Candy that included a shopping trip to a kitchen store, lunch at Maggiano’s, and shopping for much needed clothes at Galleria, with dinner following at Bristol’s—just a day with her in mind. She loved it, and so did I!
      I think of Candy all the time and praise God every day for blessing me with such a wonderful wife, yet I spend so little thought on how I can show her my love and appreciation, beyond the usual hugs and kisses. So, fathers, let me encourage you to take time today to plan a special outing for your wife. I actually mailed an invitation for our special outing to Candy—she loved that idea, so you might want to try that yourself. And this past week I purchased sparkling grape juice, cheese and crackers to accompany an intimate time of conversation. Sometimes grand, sometimes small—just continue to bless your wife.