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Covenantal Families


††††† Fathers, it is our responsibility to direct our families in the way in which they should go. I am sorry to say that most of us just allow our wives to do as they please without taking the lead and making certain that they are following. However, we must know where we are supposed to go before we start directing. Do you study Godís Wordóreally study it? Fifteen minutes in the morning does not count. Do you listen to the teaching tapes from the conference and really ponder and pray? Are you down on your knees seeking the Lordís strength to do His will, which He has laid forth in His Word? Are you praying that God prepare the hearts and minds of your wife and children to follow willingly? Are you making certain they understand the significance of their obedience to your godly direction? Do you lead, or are you off in your own little world? Time is short, men; be men! Letís encourage one another to fulfill our divine callingóto be faithful husbands and fathers.