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In the Library

  copy of time to say goodnight      Time to Say Goodnight by Sally Lloyd-Jones, illustrated by Jane Chapman One of the many blessings of fall is cooler nights, which make for cozy, snuggle-down-deep bedtimes. Although my children are all older now, I still love to read them cute bedtime stories. This is another adorable one! Just listen to the mothers as they prepare their children for bed. “Hopping bunnies, hop, hop, hop. Stop your hopping, stop, stop, stop! Stars are dancing in the skies, Goodnight bunnies, close your eyes! Little birdies, cheep, cheep, cheep. No more songs now, sleep, sleep, sleep! Night has come, and you must rest, so climb inside your cozy nest.”
      You will just have to get the book to read the rest.