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 fletcher and the falling leaves        Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson Fletcher the fox sensed a change in the air. Something was different, for the “rich green of forest was turning to a dusty gold, and the soft, swishing sound of summer was fading to a crinkly whisper.” And “Fletcher’s favorite tree looked dull, dry, and brown. Fletcher was beginning to get worried.” He thought his tree was sick because all its leaves were turning brown. His mother tried to comfort him that it was just autumn, but the signs of distress were all too disconcerting for him as first one, and then another of the leaves fell to the ground. He scurried to collect them and secure each one to its owner, but the rate of their departure exceeded his ability to fasten them all back on the tree as all the leaves “shivered and shook themselves and began to wriggle free. They tossed and turned and twitched and twirled and tumbled to the ground.” Sadly, he took the last leaf home and tucked it into bed.
      The next morning he awoke to a cold, brisk morning. Upon leaving the den, he noticed that his tree was more beautiful than ever as he gazed upon “a thousand icicles, shining silver in the early light.”
      Each season has its marvelous wonders. Let us be diligent in point them out to our children as
God’s goodness to us.