Bundles of Love
Heart to Heart
      There is a place in the corner of my childhood bedroom which holds bundles of my parents’ love ready for us to receive each time we visit home. Clippings from the comics to make us laugh. Coupons to save us money. Articles that inform and add interest to life. Important news that keeps us abreast of serious issues. Informative articles for our children relating to their interests. Character building stories and books. Biographies of godly men and women. Travel magazines to enhance our study of the world. Brochures from their latest excursions. Letters from relatives and friends that keep us in touch with our past. And, that which we treasure most, personal notes from their Bible studies and quiet time with God to encourage and guide our walk with the Lord.

      Each thoughtful gift reveals our parents’ loving concern that continues even in our physical absence. These bundles of love deeply touch our hearts, strengthen our souls, and knit our hearts and minds together.

      (Consider blessing others with your own little bundles of love—a widow, widower, your parents, grandparents, hospital patient.… Make it a family project to look for and gather things that would bless them.) Y