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copy of screen doors and sweet teaOf course when I first heard this title, I immediately heard the screen door slam behind the family member I envisioned heading for the porch swing with a glass of sweet tea in hand—the screen door and porch swing I don’t have that I frequently envision right out there. Oh, how I wish I had both a screen door and a porch swing! At least I have a front porch and one that is covered with honeysuckle—the one we use for most of our summer afternoon lunches and candlelight dinners accompanied by—you guessed it, sweet tea.
      Screen Doors and Sweet Tea celebrates the traditional foods of the South that author Martha Foose enjoyed while growing up on the Mississippi Delta. The recipe titles themselves are reminiscent of Mississippi Delta hometown living such as Dewberry Dumplings-Worth the Scratches, Peach Fried Pie-I Will Only Eat Two, Vinegar Hot Fudge-Better than Hasty Tasty, Delta Cream Doughnuts-Baptism by Fire, Sweet Potato Biscuits-Pass the Ham, Apron String Biscuits-Red Eye Gravy or Tomato Gravy, Chile Lime Skirt Steak-Brought Up with the Pickers, Chicken Thighs and Dumplings-Pillows Adrift in the Richest of Stews, Homemade Mayonnaise- Aunt Marynaise and Baby Jane, Baked Macaroni and Cheese-A Vegetable in Some States, and Sweet Tea-Voted Best in the Delta with Crooked Neck spoons.
      Although I was disappointed in the stories that accompanied the recipes because I was hoping for touching stories like the many found in our treasured copy of The Gift of Southern Cooking, that book which Jon and I frequently read to one another, the wonderful visions that the title and subtitles to the recipes created for me, along with the delicious recipes we have tried thus far, compensated for my disappointment.
      Sonia copied many pages from this book in anticipation of our culinary rendition of the South’s soul food, which goes to the heart of the diner. The ones we have tried so far follow under the next section: Come Gather at Our Table.