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Every year after the conference our family makes its annual pilgrimage (a journey to a place
with special significance) to Liberty Farms to pick blueberries. However, this year the Burns
family called to ask us to pick blueberries with them at Maupins Blueberries in Illinois just
north of Grafton. We had such fun picking blueberries—talking, picking, kerplunking, talking,
and eating; however, the blueberries and fellowship were not the only treasures gathered on
this trip, as Adrienne recommended a book we had never read before entitled Blueberries for
Sal by Robert McCloskey. After picking blueberries we went to the library and found this book
so that we could read it together before our blueberry extravaganza of blueberry smoothies,
blueberry coffee cake, blueberry muffins, and blueberry pie. The book was cute and perfect for
the occasion. Maupins is located at 20792 Dabbs North Road , Jerseyville , IL 62052 . Take the
River Road to Grafton. Take Rte. 3 out of Grafton to Otterville Road . Go left on Otterville
Road. Go left on Dabbs North Road (this road only goes to the left). For more information
call 618-498-4378.