Heart to Heart

Dear Families,      

Recently on our way home from a mother-daughter tea, while Sonia read from a recipe book full of all the delicious goodies we feasted on that afternoon, I was struck by all the ingredients the recipes shared in common. Most were created from butter, sugar, eggs, salt, flour, and vanilla. Yet each had slightly different additions such as chocolate, nuts, coconut, molasses, and lemon and different shaping methods, so that each became so very unique.     

Returning to the tea, my thoughts flowed over the beautiful banquet table laden with rich and lovely delicacies fit for a king. They then turned, and lingered upon all the homeschooling moms, each sharing the same desires, goals, and kindred spirit, yet so distinct in appearance, personality, and the way they homeschooled. Shaped by being pinched, rolled, cut, or pressed, their lives bore the marks of the Master Artist who carefully crafted each of them into extraordinary masterpieces. And awestruck by His touch, I realized that every time I’m in the presence of homeschoolers, I am at the King’s banquet table.     

Full of gratitude, I thanked God for each and every homeschooling mom; for making us slightly different yet so much alike; for the kindred spirit we share; and especially for nourishing my soul with such sweet fellowship every time I come to His table.      


Jon and Candy