The Joys Of Outdoor Living
Heart to Heart

      “A Tisket, a Tasket, a green and yellow basket!” I filled it with delectable treats, and we enjoyed it on our seats. Once a week, I plan a picnic dinner at one of our favorite spots. Whether it’s in Forest Park before the Muny, on Art Hill above the Grand Basin, or in Francis Park right before an outdoor concert, we love to dine outdoors so we can enjoy the lovely summer weather.

      It is rather amazing that after I work all day and evening outside in the summer heat that the first thing I do when we come home is to check out our vegetable and flower garden. I truly love the evenings when I am able to sit on our front porch with my cat by my side and my two dogs like sentinel lions before me on the front lawn, while I watch my younger son ride his bike up and down our sidewalk.

      Our dogs are so excited to be a part of the front porch gathering that they jump, wiggle, circle, wag, and dive into each other from front yard to back yard interspersed with Sadie’s skip with a hiccup bounce brought on by her sheer joy of being together out front. After a good stroking, our cat jumps down off the porch to explore the vegetable garden and to eat some grass.

      I walk over to the vegetable garden as well to investigate for new arrivals and to check the growth rate of each of the plants and vegetables. I then sit back on the porch again to absorb the marvelous sights and sounds of outdoor living—a basketball being bounced along the sidewalk, kids yelling while they throw a baseball to each other, a hard ball hitting a soft leather glove, little girls roller skating down the walk, birds bathing in our bird bath, the dogs rolling in the grass, the smell of blossoms wafting on a gentle breeze, the roses in full bloom, bees buzzing amongst our flowers. Aahh, the wonder of sitting on our front porch.

      Jon comes, then Sonia, then Jedidiah to enjoy relaxation on our front porch after a hard day of work. We listen to the cicadas’ chorus, overwhelmed by the beauty of such sounds. Then Jon usually asks me to take him around the garden and show him the new developments. Then before I go in, I take a basket and fill it with Boston lettuce, red leaf lettuce, mesclun, lambs quarters, Swiss chard rhubarb, onions, broccoli, dill, tomatoes, green and purple beans, okra, squash, and peppers. Yes, the joy of outdoor living is such a blessing!