The Joy Of Homeschooling
Heart to Heart

Although we school year round, I still get excited about the traditional time of starting school in September. Today I went to Bradburn’s Parent Teacher Store at 14377 Manchester Road to purchase fall bulletin board borders, little fall colored leaves, folders, chalk, and additional toys to be placed in Josiah’s treasure chest. I know that I have printed this before, but for those of you who are new, let me encourage you to paint an Office Depot box to look like a pirate’s treasure chest. Then fill it with books, games, art supplies, science kits, CDs, educational DVDs, sticker books, activity books, Dover coloring books, cute spiral journals, and other wonderful gifts to treat your children after they have accomplished an important skill or read a certain amount of books or learned an exceptionally difficult concept. This is always so much fun for both my children and me.      

I could have cut out my own colored leaves from construction paper, but for just over two dollars I now have a package of them ready for fall activities. As part of my fall display this year, I will decorate with fall leaves. Each will contain a description of a fall activity to be done by Josiah. He will be able to choose a leaf off a large tree, and then when he has completed that educational journey, he can place the leaf on a pile at the bottom of the tree. Some of the activities will include the following: keep a journal of the seasonal changes you see; decorate October’s blank calendar pages; make a leaf book of the different shapes of leaves in our neighborhood, label them, and then color them their fall color; write a story about fall, create felt finger puppets, and then tell your story to us using your finger puppets as props; memorize a fall poem; make fall cookies with me; make applesauce with me; eat caramel apples with the family tonight; make leaf place cards for table; begin a thanksgiving book of Bible verses, poems, articles, pictures…that all describe thankfulness, also include thoughts of your gratitude to each family member for what they do for you; let’s sing some fall hymns and other songs like “Over the River and Through the Woods” … Isn’t learning fun? I just love teaching my children!      

The following is a finger play that I have done with my children since they were toddlers:     

“The Squirrel”           

Whiskey, frisky, Hippity hop. Up he goes, To the tree top! Whirly, twirly, Round and round, Down he scampers, To the ground. Furly, curly, What a tail! Tall as a feather, Broad as a sail! Where’s his supper? In the shell, Snippity, crackity, Out it fell!