The Blessing of Strolling Hand in Hand
Heart to Heart

††††† Our family just loves to stroll together, whether it be upon our well-worn paths or toward new horizons that offer us new vistas of adventure. And although our favorite times to walk are at twilight when the sunís golden light turns everything into sumptuous warmth, and then at midnight under a full moon, any time of the day is a perfect time to walk because the outdoors is always dressed and ready for company, always offering something special for each of its guests. And with Godís creative signature touch upon each season, no matter when we go visiting, each visit links us to His magnificent presence. Whether we shuffle through fallen leaves, crunch lacy snow crystals underfoot, slide upon a rich carpet of pine needles, tiptoe through the barnyard, run through the meadow, plunge through the creek bottom, or climb to the top of mountains to admire the brilliant landscape, by traveling ancient paths that have been trodden by those men and beasts that have gone before us or excitedly moving upon new paths that lay like green stepping stones that lead us on into the unknown, our feet love strolling in all kinds of weather. The splendor of each season awakens our senses to the magnificent character of our Creator.

††††† We relish the sunshine that makes our hearts soar, the rain that cleanses our souls, the mists and fog that shroud the earth, evoking a sense of mystery, the lofty silence of snow, and the brilliance of diamond-studded trees after an ice storm. Our faces love the gentle mist in spring and fall, the warm breezes in the summer, and the crisp, cold air in the winter. Our ears love to hear the rhythm and cadence of speech that takes flight from the trees on the wings of the wind, the tinkle from cascading streams that seem to always be a beehive of conversation, the symphonic music played by birds, insects, and frogs, the faraway lonely yipping of coyotes and hooting owls, and even the marvelous silence of a winter wonderland after a hearty dusting of snow. We love to smell the heady aroma of the woodlands, the freshness of the spring breeze, the sweet fragrance from summerís blossoms, and the pungent aroma from barn animals.

††††† Forest, meadows, streams, barnyards, parks, or just around a neighborhoodóall offer wonderful avenues for our feet, our minds, and our souls. During the daylight hours, in the golden hours of evening, or at night, we love them all. Sometimes we even go out for a midnight snack to feast upon the stars while we listen to all the wonderful sounds from Godís night creatures. For wherever we may wander, each path is punctuated with Godís presence, helping us refocus all our thoughts upon Him. Each journey of discovery displays glimpses into our Fatherís heart, letting us realize how much of His wisdom and love went into creating this home of ours. And when this takes place, all our troubles take flight, giving way to a rush of peace, and, as always, we come back refreshed, invigorated, and inspired to carry on for the Lord who has given us so much.

††††† A new adventure is just at your feet right outside your door. If you rush on by, you will miss the splendor, but for those who take time to enjoy, the pleasure is all theirs. Donít wait, grab a hand, and go for a stroll to enjoy Godís sweet embrace.

††††† Our well-worn paths beckon us to return time and time again. I can hear them calling now, so I must grab a hand and go. Y