Teach Your Daughter To Economize
Heart to Heart

      Do not take for granted that your daughter always knows why you do things. For instance, there was a young woman who every time she made a large ham for family gatherings, she always cut it in half and placed it in two roasters. When her husband asked her why she did this, she told him that her mother always had. But upon asking his mother-in-law the same question, the husband found out that the mother did not have a roaster large enough to handle a ham of that proportion. The point of this story is that we often take for granted that our children understand our actions when indeed they often do not. So always explain your actions and your thought processes so your daughter truly understands the reasoning behind your actions.

      In respect to meat, I never purchase stew meat because it is much higher priced than what I can do for myself. So instead of buying stew meat, I cut my own from boneless chuck roasts when they are on sale, divide them into individual portions for pots of stew, and freeze each portion in a quart sized freezer bag.

      Several weeks ago, we purchased boneless chuck roasts for $1.89 a pound. Two roasts gave me enough meat for four pots of soup and two pots of stew. So for just $8.87, we now have enough meat for six meals. I also purchased soup bones for $1.19 a pound, and so for just $1.71 more, I added marrowbones to each of my four freezer bags of soup meat.