Salt And Light
Heart to Heart
While walking through Forest Park, a mother and her daughter stopped us to ask about the breed of our dogs. While talking with us, the mother fell backwards on her rollerblades. When the daughter saw it, she just roared in laughter at her mother’s mishap. I was absolutely appalled at this display of disrespect and lack of concern, so I immediately responded with, “Shame on you for laughing at your mother. God tells us to honor our mothers and fathers that it may go well for us. You should be helping your mother up and making certain that she is okay, and thanking her that she takes the time to bring you to the park and rollerblade with you.”       Last year after our conference, we had a meeting with the convention center staff to discuss the conference. Immediately following the meeting, a young man handed me several business cards so I would have his number for next year’s preparations. I kept one and handed the others back to him, telling him that I knew how expensive they must be because of their colored embossed text and that one would be all I needed. To this he responded, “Oh, it’s not my money, take as many as you like.” I promptly replied, “Shame on you. How much more careful you should be with someone else’s money!”      Remember, if we remain silent when God’s standards have been violated, not only are we dishonoring Him, but caring little for another’s soul. Let us be diligent to speak truth at all times. Words are like seeds that we plant along the way. Hopefully, we are always planting for the Kingdom.