Sad About How Quickly Fall Came Upon Us?
Heart to Heart

By far this summer slipped by more quickly than any other our family can remember. Whoosh, and it was gone! So when Indian summer did not appear anytime this past month, disappointment began to creep over me until the first rainy, rather chilly day made me remember cozy long evenings of fun and games at home, and I quickly forsook my “Oh, my” for “My, this is great! I love the fall and winter. What was I sad about?” If you, like me, were lamenting about the shortness of the summer, take heart, great times are ahead!

      The first thing I did was get out the cards and say to the family, “Time for pinochle marathons again.” And so we played on our bed while listening to music. Then I made out my fall list of family activities—pick apples, dinner at Pere Marquette, caramel apples, make applesauce, bake leaf cookies, collect leaves and place between waxed paper, visit Grant’s Farm one more time, last dinner on Café Eau’s outdoor patio, read fall books, back to school cupcake sale complete with new school supplies, select pumpkins at farm, carve and bake seeds, make pumpkin fudge, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin ravioli… and secured them on my refrigerator to remind me of all the marvelous fall traditions we share.

      Next, I went out and purchased Pumpkin Spice jar candles and placed them around the kitchen, along with the fall colored gourds and squash Sonia and I had just purchased from the Farmer’s Market. Pot roast, baked chicken, hearty soups, ham and beans, and chili once again sounded scrumptious, so I began doing some “cookin’”.

      Later, we went to Michael’s for our fall craft supplies—artificial pumpkins, which we will brush with glue and sprinkle with the marvelous fall colors of glitter that Martha Stewart encouraged us to buy last year. While I was there, Sonia and I selected plaster and wooden ornaments for our annual tradition of painting new Christmas ornaments for our trees.

            Then we hopped over to the nearby Five and Dime and purchased our new 2007 calendar along with a collection of fall and winter puzzles for Sonia and Josiah to assemble while Jon or I read during evenings of family reading. Soooo, put a smile on your face and embrace fall with a welcoming hug for all the pleasant hours it allows you to enjoy during this glorious time of year.