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The Lord's Family Fellowship

Last Sunday, Jon began his sermon on the importance of prayer for the revival of our country. He read excerpts from a little booklet entitled How to Pray for Revival by Del Pehsenfeld, Jr. (Life Action Ministries, P.O. Box 31, Buchanan, MI 49107,, which we had received many years ago, and then expounded on those points. To encourage each of us to pray for revival, I will reprint several of the points contained in this booklet. The book begins by saying that our prayers should include praise, confession, supplication, and intercession.      

It then began by emphasizing the importance of revival in our churches that they be “bold holy testimony to the community.” Next it suggests praying for conviction of sin—materialism, temporal values, pride, indifference, laziness, lack of love, impurity, worldliness—and for a spirit of humility and repentance. And so importantly it recommended that we pray for “a renewed commitment to obedience to submit to the authority of Scripture and the Lordship of Christ.”     

The booklet went on to encourage us to pray for pastors in America that they “will lead the way in humility, repentance, and prayer…that they will not be motivated by a fleshly desire for recognition, but that they will live and minister for the glory of God alone…that they will be faithful in proclaiming the truth of God’s Word, and that they will not be bound by tradition or fear of men…and be pure in doctrine.”     

Next it asks us to pray for the lost that “the Holy Spirit convict them of sin, of righteousness, and judgment and to draw them to Christ in repentance and faith.”     

They then leave spaces for the names of the President, U.S. senators, U.S. congressman, governor, state senator and state representatives so that the constituent remembers to pray for each of his elected officials, specifically that that they will “take seriously their responsibility to rule ‘under God’…that they will be men of conviction and principle…to change the hearts of those who defy His cause, or to replace them with God-fearing men.”     

It goes on to say that we should pray for a “spiritual awakening among those who influence education and control the media.”     

It ends with encouragement to pray for revival in our own lives and homes that God may increase our desire for righteousness and His Holy Word, that He would use us as an instrument of revival in our homes, our churches, and our community. “Pray that you and your mate will grow together in deep love and oneness. Ask God to show you how you can better serve and meet the needs of your mate. Ask God to make you a wise and godly spiritual leader for your children. Ask Him for grace to give them consistent love and discipline. Pray that your children will become pure, obedient, faithful servants of Christ.”     

Jon and I thought that these were especially good points for each of us to specifically pray for all the time but especially prior to this next election. Please commit with us that you and your family will also seriously pray for revival in America.