Resurrecting His Creative Touch
Heart to Heart

Sadly, most people do not feel creative; however, the truth is that since we were created in our Creator’s image, we are creative. Unfortunately, after thirteen or more years of the government’s schooling, which continued to stifle this rich, inner resource, hardly anyone knows they possess this gift. Quite frankly, how can anyone believe they possess creative ability when they are taught that they evolved over millions of years? Actually the government’s educational system has suppressed the creative process for so long that problem solving, critical thinking, and thinking independently were buried long ago in America’s historical archives along with its rich, historical heritage. Free, independent thinking barely even exists anymore because America’s children continue to be sold into slavery to become nothing more than a herd of conformists. Now, so hounded by schedules while trying to survive in a driven society, most people have finally come to prefer the quickest way to the shortest “politically correct” answer.

      Thankfully, God has been stirring in the hearts of many parents to return to their calling to train up their own children. This has created a vast seedbed, ripe for producing independent thinkers who can once again reflect God’s creative touch in all they do. In order to reap a plentiful harvest, we as their caregivers must be careful in how we attend to their formative growth. For the development and growth of creativity largely depends on the environment in which it is sown and on mother and/or father, who believe in the special miracle contained within each of their children’s souls and who are committed to nurturing and encouraging the creative potential in each of them.

      In a loving, caring environment where children are free to succeed and free to fail while being loved and accepted with no strings attached to their performance, healthy growth flourishes. For children to know that their parents’ love is unconditional, to understand that everyone makes mistakes, and to hear their parents’ continual words of encouragement is crucial to raising healthy, productive men and women. In fact, I believe it is the second greatest gift we as parents can give our children—second only to leading our children to Christ.

      Most great accomplishments throughout history were the result of perseverance through many failed attempts, which can be attributed to the parent or parents of these individuals because they nurtured their well being. Consequently, these adults were not afraid to fail because their self-image was not connected to their performance. Once a child is free to have his failed attempts exposed, without fear of criticism, ridicule, or punishment, he is free indeed to learn from his mistakes and keep right on trying—the difference between failure and success.

      Creativity’s development also requires time. Time to develop, time to grow, time to blossom, and time to be fruitful. Plenty of unhurried time. It is our time that I believe is the third greatest gift we can give to our precious children. Time to discover the hidden treasures of our children’s individual personalities and time to begin building their self-confidence by valuing their ideas, praising their efforts, and strengthening their awareness of their own abilities. Only when we adamantly secure the time for intimate interaction can we begin to really know them and secure their roots.

      Then to encourage their growth in the warmth of the Father’s world by fertilizing their roots with inspiration is such a tremendous blessing. Ah, to love life and to train them to love it, too. Excitement runs through my veins just thinking of all the delightful learning experiences I can create to inspire my children to love learning about the Son and His world.

            But a fertile environment of inspiration doesn’t just happen. It requires careful planning. For those of you who are suffering from suppression, all you need to do is ask God to resurrect His creative touch lying deep within your soul and to instill in you an excitement for life and a desire for inspiring your children’s lives with delightful learning experiences. God has personally imprinted His own creative image on each of our children; therefore, it is our privileged responsibility to nurture and encourage the creative potential in each of them. [Reprinted from There’s No Place Like Home book.] Y